Floor Sanding Adelaide Coating & Re-Coating

Floor Sanding Adelaide's final stage of the process is the coating of the sanded floor with a coating of your choice.  Floor Sanding Adelaide offers a choice of coating options including environmentally friendly water-based coatings as well as traditional solvent and oil-based coatings.  There are different sheen levels available and your Floor Sanding Adelaide representative will assist you in deciding which coating is appropriate for you and your property.

Timber floors can begin to deteriorate after a few years of heavy traffic or lack of proper maintenance. As the previous coating wears away, your timber floor will look dull and be in need for re-coating.  Re-coating involves re-coating existing floors which have previously been sanded and coated, without the need for the full restoration process that involves re-sanding back to bare timber. The Re-coating process will utilise the same type of coating previously used to coat the timber floor (typically either water based or solvent based coating) to eliminate adverse chemical reactions.  Normally a coating test patch will be performed to determine the correct type of coating for your timber floor and to ensure there is suitable adhesion between old and new coatings.